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Van Den Hul HDMI Flat 180

75.00  (565.09 kn)

VDH HDMI Flat 180 je visoko kvalitetni HDMI kabel s nagibnim konektorima koji olakšavaju spajanje u situacijama kada je malo prostora iza opreme. Kompatibilan je s High Speed (1.4) standardom za dužine do 5 metara, bez napora pruža performanse čak i na dužinama od 15 metara (1080i garantirano) te je dostupan u širokom rasponu standardnih dužina.

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  • Fully compliant with the HDMI™ High Speed specifications for lengths up to 5.0 meter.
  • Handles 1080i resolution up to 15.0 meter.
  • Very smart and handy connectors that can be tilted sideways, allowing screens and equipment to be placed very close to walls without harming the cable or connectors.
  • The connectors are high-quality HDMI ‘Type A’ connectors with heavy gold plated contacts which provide solid and reliable connections.
  • High-density-coated Oxygen Free Copper conductors warrant minimum signal attenuation.
  • In addition to the cable’s Hulliflex ® jacket, the internal conductors’ special coating adds extra protection against aggressive environmental conditions.

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