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QED kabel Performance Optical Graphite

52.96  (399.03 kn) 106.05  (799.03 kn)

Performance Optical Graphite

QED’s multi-award winning Toslink Optical digital audio cable The award winning Performance Graphite Optical cable allows you to experience superior sound quality when connecting DAC’s, TVs, CD players and Blu-rayTM players to amplifiers or receivers. Performance Optical uses a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) acrylic glass optical fibre to comfortably transmit the higher bandwidth signals demanded by today’s multi-channel digital audio links. The cable is optimised for a ‘very low jitter’ design to reduce digital errors, making for a cleaner audio data transmission. Here at QED we are so confident about the performance of our product that we offer a lifetime guarantee.


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